Shafik Bhalloo

Academic Director
Associate Professor of Practice, Strategy
LL.M (Osgoode Hall) 2004; LL.B (UBC) 1989; BA (Honors) (SFU) 1986

Burnaby Room: WMC 4391
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.4523

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Curriculum Vitae: View


Shafik Bhalloo is an Associate Professor of Practice and Academic Director, Undergraduate Business Programs.

Shafik teaches commercial law, business ethics and employment law courses.  He has a keen interest in student engagement in his courses and tries to bring his real world legal experiences in class to assist students in understanding the subjects he teaches.

Shafik is also a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and a former partner of Kornfeld LLP (2000 to 2016) and currently a legal counsel with the same firm.  Shafik's practice is focused in the areas of corporate commercial litigation, general civil litigation and labour and employment law.

Born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Shafik completed an Honours B.A. at Simon Fraser University and received his law degree from the University of British Columbia in 1989. In 2004, Shafik obtained his Masters of Law degree with a focus on e-Business from Osgoode Hall Law School.

Shafik has acted on litigation of multi-party commercial/corporate and securities cases. He has also prosecuted and defended personal injury claims, fire and casualty claims, breaches of sale of goods, as well as real estate contracts and negligence claims against insurance and real estate companies, agents and brokers.

In his labour and employment practice, Shafik has represented numerous large and small companies in labour relations matters including grievances, collective bargaining, certification applications and employment terminations. He appears before the Labour Relations Board in certification applications and unfair labour practicei complaints, and before the Supreme Court of British Columbia on wrongful dismissal matters.

Shafik has obtained certification in mediation and has participated as counsel in mediations involving commercial, insurance, labour and employment disputes.

Shafik has lectured on various legal topics including non-competition covenants in business and employment contracts and prepared  and presented materials for various business organizations including the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Shafik has also authored several academic articles, some of which are listed below.

Shafik also acts as an adjudicator on the Employment Standards Tribunal, an appointment he has held since 2009. He has authored over 200 decisions as aTribunal member.

He is active in the community and has served as a member on the British Columbia Judicial Advisory Committee, the Vancouver Police Department's Diversity Advisory Committee, and  the Conciliation and Arbitration Board of the Ismaili Community.

Shafik is also a co-chair on the West Vancouver Police Board and Chairs the Human Resources and Policy and Procedure committees.

Specialization and Research Interests

Commercial law, Labour and employment law, Human rights law and applied ethics

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Shafik Bhalloo, & Hanna Holbrook

Temporary layoff: A comparative study of the law in British Columbia and Alberta

2018 | The Advocate. 76(3): 361-377

Kathleen M. Burke, & Shafik Bhalloo

A Joint for the joints: The case of (medical) marijuana in the workplace

2018 | Journal of Business Ethics Education. 14: 327-330

Kathleen M. Burke, & Shafik Bhalloo

A Joint for the joints: The case of (medical) marijuana in the workplace

2017 | Journal of Business Ethics Education. 14: 327-330

Shafik Bhalloo, & Kathleen M. Burke

Overworked and underpaid: The plight of one hapless paralegal

2016 | Journal of Business Ethics Education. 13: 403-406

Shafik Bhalloo, & Alisha Parmar

Medical marijuana in the workplace - Don't weed our your employees just yet!

2016 | Advocate (Vancouver). 74(Part 5): 687-696

Restrictive Covenants: When the Honeymoon Ends

2016 | Alberta Law Review. 53(3): 643

Shafik Bhalloo, & Alisha Parmar

Bhasin v. Hrynew: Ramifications in employment law

2016 | Advocate (Vancouver). 74(2): 185-196

Shafik Bhalloo, & Kathleen M. Burke

Risky Returns at Zoie B's Apparel

2015 | Journal of Business Ethics Education. Vol. 12

Wolf in Sheep's clothing: Creative Non-Competition covenants

2015 | Advocate (Vancouver).

Kathleen M. Burke, & Shafik Bhalloo

The Great Canadian Mortgage Company

2015 | Journal of Business Ethics Education. 12: 185-188

Shafik Bhalloo, & Alisha Parmar

Creative Non-Competition Clauses as Restraints of Trade: Rhebergen v. Veterinary Clinic Ltd.

2015 | Advocate (Vancouver). 73: 183

Shafik Bhalloo, & Devin Lucas

Section 96 of the Employment Standards Act: Balancing competing interests

2014 | Advocate (Vancouver). 72: 855-864

Shafik Bhalloo, & Devin Lucas

Everything you always wanted to know about suspending an employment standards determination (but were too afraid to ask)

2014 | Advocate (Vancouver). 72(2): 205-220

Reinstatement: The quintessential "make whole" remedy or a fiction

2012 | Advocate (Vancouver). 70(6): 845-850

Shafik Bhalloo, & Gareth Carline

Employers Beware: The myth of temporary layoff may result in a wrongful dismissal liability

2011 | Advocate (Vancouver). 69(1): 65-74

Enforcement of benefits under the Employment Standards Act: A single jurisdiction for enforcement affirmed

2010 | UBC Law Review. 43(1): 145

Enforcement of benefits under the employment standards act: A single jurisdiction for enforcement affirmed

2010 | UBC Law Review. 43(1): 145-172

Removing, adding or substituting a party after judgment or a final order pursuant to Rule 15(5) of the Rules of Court: Can it be done and when?

2007 | Advocate (Vancouver). 65(2): 173-186

Notice extension for bad faith dismissal: 'a remedy divorced from the wrong'

2006 | The Verdict. 110: 52

Jurisdictional issues in electronic commerce contracts: A Canadian perspective

2004 | Computer Law Review and Technology Journal. VIII(2): 225

Shafik Bhalloo, & Murray Tevlin

Employment contracts: Enforcing non-competition

1995 | Advocate (Vancouver). 53: 879

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