Peter Tingling

Associate Professor, Management Information Systems
Ph.D. (U. of Western Ontario), M.B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier), CPA, CGA

Burnaby Room: WMC 3319
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.3473

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Peter joined the Beedie School of Business at SFU from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario where his thesis focused on organizational decision-making. Peter has had a long association with higher education and has taught at several business schools. Prior to academia, Peter had more than two decades of industrial experience working in a number of senior line and staff positions as well as consulting to a diverse range of Fortune 500, government, and start-up organizations across North America.

The University, says Peter, meets several of his life goals, and allows him to make a greater contribution to society and offers new challenges. "Most industry practitioners are preoccupied with 'what' rather than the more useful 'why' and how' of theory,” he says. “These are my interests."

Peter has always considered himself a 'closet academic' with a curious passion for eclectic reading. Some of his favourite authors include Daniel Kahneman (Thinking Fast and Slow),  James Gleick (Genius: The biography of Richard Feynman), Peter Bernstein (Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk), David Halberstam (The Coldest Winter) and Margaret MacMillan (Paris 1919, Six Months that Changed the World).

Winner of a 2004 Literati Club research award and a 2007 TD Canada Trust Distinguished Teaching Award, Peter currently teaches the under-graduate Introduction to Business in a Networked Economy (BUS 201) course, Managerial Accounting (BUS640) in the Executive MBA, and Special Topics in MIS (BUS 722) in the part-time MBA programme.

Peter serves as a Senator of the University and is a member of the Senate Commitee on University Honours (SCUH), the Electoral Standing Commitee (ESC), and the Undergraduate Competitions Committee.

Outside of the University, Peter is the president and CEO of Octothorpe Software Corporation, a decision sciences company.

Specialization and Research Interests

Decision making, sport management, disruptive technology, business strategy and social issues of technology.

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Christopher D. Zatzick; Natalie Bin Zhao; Peter M. Tingling

Avoiding Layoff Blunders

2014 | Sloan Management Review. 55(3): 12-15

Akbar Saeed; Peter M. Tingling

Extreme programming beyond adoption: A longitudinal case study of a software start-up

2013 | International Journal of Business and Management Invention. 2(7): 89-95

Michael Wade; Peter M. Tingling

The art of retreat

2012 | CEO Forum.

Peter M. Tingling

The upside of downsizing done right

2012 | People Talk. 16(4): 14-15

Peter M. Tingling; Kamal Masri; Matthew D. Martell

Does decision order matter? An empirical analysis of the NHL draft

2011 | Sport, Business and Management: an International Journal. 1(2): 155-171

Peter M. Tingling; Andrew C. Gemino; Drew C. Parker

Changing channels: The impact of Web 2.0 on supply chain management

2011 | Production and Inventory Management Journal. 47(2): 31-44

Peter M. Tingling; Michael J. Brydon

Is decision-based evidence making necessarily bad?

2010 | Sloan Management Review. 51(4): 71-76

Peter M. Tingling

Downsizing: Measure twice, cut once

2009 | Human Resource Professional. (June/July)

Peter M. Tingling

Measure twice, cut once

2009 | Human Resource Professional. : 35

Michael R. Wade; Peter M. Tingling

A new twist on an old method: A guide to the applicability and use of web experiments in management research

2005 | DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems. 36(3): 69-88

Peter M. Tingling; Michael M. Parent

Technology evaluation and selection: Exploring the role and influence of ceremony

2004 | Journal of Strategic Information Systems. 13(4)

Peter M. Tingling; Michael M. Parent; Michael Wade

Extending the capabilities of Internet-based research - Lessons from the field

2003 | Internet Research. 13(3): 223-235

Peter M. Tingling; Michael M. Parent

Mimetic isomorphism and technology evaluation: Does imitation transcend judgment

2002 | Journal of the Association for Information Systems. 3(5): 113

Teaching Related Material

David M. Kroenke; Andrew C. Gemino; Peter M. Tingling

Experiencing MIS (3rd Canadian Edition)

2013 | Book, Textbook - Revised

David M. Kroenke; Andrew C. Gemino; Peter M. Tingling

Experiencing MIS (2nd Canadian Edition)

2011 | Book, Textbook - Revised

David M. Kroenke; Andrew C. Gemino; Peter M. Tingling

Experiencing MIS, (Canadian Edition)

2008 | Book, Textbook - New | Experiencing MIS Version 1.

Peter M. Tingling; David Rose

Skating on thin ice - Thermablade Inc.

2009 | Case with Instructional Material (Case Publishing Agency) | Wilfred Laurier Publishing.

Peter M. Tingling; David Rose

The impersonation of Max Peters

2009 | Case with Instructional Material (Case Publishing Agency)

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