Michael Brydon

Associate Professor, Management Information Systems
Area Coordinator
Ph.D. (UBC); M.Eng., B. Eng. (Royal Military College of Canada)

Burnaby Room: WMC 3325
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.5408
Segal Room: SGL 3910
Segal Phone: 778.782.9661
Surrey Room: SUR 5045
Surrey Phone: 778.782.5285

Email Address: mjbrydon@sfu.ca

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Dr. Michael Brydon's twin research interests in technology and applied decision making are a natural result of his graduate engineering degree and a PhD in Commerce. His research straddles the disciplinary boundaries of computer science, economics and decision theory and examines the potential uses of information technology to support decision-making in complex, uncertain environments. His research has involved a number of firms including Alcan, DuPont, Avcorp, and VanCity and has been funded by both the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

Specialization and Research Interests

Decision support, meta-choice, public choice, decision-theoretic planning, combinatorial auctions, heuristic search.

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Don't delegate decision authority to a spreadsheet

2012 | Municipal World. 122(10): 19

Peter M. Tingling, & Michael J. Brydon

Is decision-based evidence making necessarily bad?

2010 | Sloan Management Review. 51(4): 71-76

Michael J. Brydon, & Aidan R. Vining

Adoption, improvement and disruption: Predicting the impact of open source applications in enterprise software markets

2008 | Journal of Database Management. 19(2): 1399-1420

Michael J. Brydon, & Andrew C. Gemino

You've data mined. Now What?

2008 | Communications of the Association for Information Systems. 22

Michael J. Brydon, & Andrew C. Gemino

Classification trees and decision-analytic feedforward control: A case study from the video game industry

2007 | Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. 17(2): 317-342

Economic metaphors for solving intrafirm allocation problems: What does a market buy us

2006 | Decision Support Systems. 42(3): 1657-1672

Evaluating strategic options using decision-theoretic planning

2006 | Information Technology and Management. 7(1): 35-49

Michael J. Brydon, & Aidan R. Vining

Understanding the failure of internal knowledge markets: A framework for diagnosis and improvement

2006 | Information and Management. 43(8): 964-974

Books, Book Chapters and Monographs

Michael J. Brydon, Keng Siau, Aidan R. Vining, & John Erickson

A dynamic model of adoption and improvement for open source business applications

2010 | Principle Advancements in Database Management Technologies: New Applications and Frameworks. Chapter 11: 225-249

Michael J. Brydon, John Erickson, & Aidan R. Vining

Adoption, improvement and disruption: Predicting the impact of open source applications in enterprise software markets

2009 | Database technnologies: Concepts, methodologies, tools and applications, Volue IV. Chapter 8.11: 2572-2594

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