David Hannah

Associate Professor, Management and Organization Studies
Ph.D. Organization Science (University of Texas at Austin), B.Comm.Hon (University of British Columbia)

Segal Room: SGL 3325
Segal Phone: 778.782.7827

Email Address: drhannah@sfu.ca

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David R. Hannah is an Associate Professor of Management at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Management Inquiry.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.  He is a Past President of the Western Academy of Management and their 2008 Ascendant Scholar. His research and teaching focuses on how individuals at work can cope effectively with the challenges and dilemmas of organizational life, and how they can help others to do so.  His work has been published in numerous leading journals, including Organization Science, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, Business Horizons, Journal of Management Inquiry, and the Journal of Business Ethics.   He has taught in Executive and Masters Programs at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Texas at Austin, and Texas A&M University. Dr. Hannah has also worked with local and international corporations, including B.C. Hydro, McDonald Dettwiler, PMC-Sierra, and the Beijing Media Group.  Dr. Hannah is a past recipient of the SFU Business Research Award and the TD-Canada Trust Teaching Excellence Award.  

Specialization and Research Interests

Dr. Hannah's research and teaching focuses on how individuals at work can cope effectively with the challenges and dilemmas of organizational life, and how they can help others to do so.

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

David R. Hannah, & Kirsten M. Robertson

Jarvis manufacturing: An experiential exercise for teaching the fundamentals of teamwork

2016 | Management Teaching Review. 1(1): 7-18

Kirsten M. Robertson, Brenda Lautsch, & David R. Hannah

The secret to protecting trade secrets: How to create positive secrecy climates in organizations

2015 | Business Horizons. 58(6): 669–677

David R. Hannah, & Kirsten M. Robertson

Why and how do employees break and bend confidential information protection rules?

2015 | Journal of Management Studies. 52(3): 381-413

David R. Hannah, Michael M. Parent, Leyland F. Pitt, & Pierre Berthon

It's a secret: Marketing value and the denial of availability

2014 | Business Horizons. 57(1): 49-59

Kirk A. Plangger, Jan H. Kietzmann, Leyland F. Pitt, Pierre Berthon, & David R. Hannah

Nomen est omen: formalizing customer labeling theory

2013 | Academy of Marketing Science Review. 3(4): 193-204 | Download

David R. Hannah, & Brenda Lautsch

Counting in qualitative research: Why to conduct it, when to avoid it, and when to closet it

2011 | Journal of Management Inquiry. 20(1): 14-22

Ana Maria Peredo, & David R. Hannah

Rethinking management education and scholarship

2011 | Journal of Management Inquiry. 20(2): 178-179

David R. Hannah, & Ranga Venkatachary

Putting "organizations" into an "organization theory" course: A hybrid CAO model for teaching organization theory

2010 | Journal of Management Education. 34(2): 200-223

David R. Hannah, & Christopher D. Zatzick

An examination of leader portrayals in the U.S. business press following the landmark scandals of the early 21st Century

2008 | Journal of Business Ethics. 79(4): 361-377

An examination of the factors that influence whether newcomers protect or share secrets of their former employers

2007 | Journal of Management Studies. 44(4): 465-487

Keeping trade secrets secret

2006 | Sloan Management Review. 47(3): 17-20

Should I keep a secret? The effects of trade secret protection procedures on employees' obligations to protect trade secrets

2005 | Organization Science. 16(1): 71-84

Janice Beyer, & David R. Hannah

Building on the past: Enacting established personal identities in a new work setting

2002 | Organization Science. 13(6): 636-652

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