Bob Krider

Professor, Marketing
Area Coordinator
Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc. (University of British Columbia).

Burnaby Room: WMC 4364
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.3027
Surrey Room: SUR 5043
Surrey Phone: 778.782.8197

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Dr. Robert Krider is a Professor of Marketing in the Beedie School of Business at SFU. In addition to SFU, he has taught marketing strategy and customer analytics at the undergraduate, MBA, and executive program levels at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Ottawa, the China-Europe International Business School in Shanghai, the University of British Columbia, INSEAD in Shanghai, the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Lisbon, Pforzheim University in Germany, and the City University of Hong Kong. Dr. Krider's research involves the modeling of consumer and management decisions, especially in the retailing and leisure industries, and has been published in Marketing Science, the Journal of Marketing Research, and the Journal of Retailing, among others. Prior to entering academia, Professor Krider spent several years in the petroleum industry, based in Calgary, London, Dharhan, and Vancouver.

Specialization and Research Interests

Competition dynamics, consumer biases and heuristics, entertainment industries, evolution of retail formats.

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Jose-Domingo Mora, Robert E. Krider, & Jason Y. Ho

Who decides what to watch on TV at home? Insights from people-meter data in Mexico: Measuring co-viewing and preference influences to help broadcasters promote programming

2015 | Journal of Advertising Research. 55(1): 22-36

Robert E. Krider, & Daniel S. Putler

Which birds of a feather flock together? Clustering and avoidance patterns of similar retail outlets

2013 | Geographical Analysis. 45(2): 123-149

Daniel S. Putler, & Robert E. Krider

Strategies and tactics for successfully developing in-house predictive analytics expertise

2012 | European Business Review. November-December: 56-59

Jose D. Mora, Jason Y. Ho, & Robert E. Krider

Television co-viewing in Mexico: An assessment on people meter data

2011 | Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. 55(4): 448-469

Robert E. Krider, Ariana Arguello, Colin L. Campbell, & Jose D. Mora

Trait and image interaction in ecotourism preference

2010 | Annals of Tourism Research. 37(3): 779-801

Dustin Dunsmuir, & Robert E. Krider

Assessing the socioeconomic correction in the Fraser Institute Report Cards

2010 | Alberta Journal of Educational Research. 56(1): 95-98

Robert E. Krider, Tieshan Li, Yong Liu, & Charles Weinberg

Demand and distribution relationships in the ready-to-drink iced tea market: A graphical approach

2008 | Marketing Letters. 19(1): 1-12

Teaching Related Material

Daniel S. Putler, & Robert E. Krider

Customer and business analytics: Applied data mining for business decision making using R

2012 | Book, Textbook - New

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