Day in the life

8:00 – take the Skytrain to the Segal Graduate School

8:30 – enjoy a coffee at a local boutique coffee shop/ read the news on tablet

9:30 – leadership and Teamwork class

13:00 – fresh sushi for lunch

14:00 – attend group meeting for YouTube spoof video assignment

16:00 – go for a jog by the seawall

17:30 – Net Impact chapter meeting to organize a speaker discussion about sustainability

18:15 – travel home on the Skytrain, stopping at the fresh vegetable market

19:00 – make a healthy dinner

20:00 – respond to emails

20:30 – read case study for Managing Information Systems class

21:30 – catch up on readings for Managerial Accounting class

22:30 – catch up with friends and family back home on Skype

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