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Events on this page are hosted by Beedie School of Business or presented in partnership with other organizations.

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Beedie Events

Planting the Seeds of Hope: A Fundraiser for the Alan & Ghalib Kurdi Foundation

Date:Friday, May 26th, 2017
Time:7:00 - 8:30pm

The photograph of three-year-old Alan Kurdi lying face down on a Turkish beach in 2015 gained international media attention for the global refugee crisis, prompting the need to provide support to refugee children—the most vulnerable amidst political turmoil. To address this issue, Alan’s father and aunt, Abdullah and Tima, have turned tragedy into positive action by founding the Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Foundation, which raises funds to provide nutritious food, clothing, medication and school supplies to children living in refugee camps.

Please join us for Tima Kurdi’s keynote address on the Syrian refugee crisis and how the Alan and Ghalib Kurdi Foundation can change the lives of the children who remain victims of war-torn regions. This keynote event is aimed to promote and educate a broad and diverse audience on the realities of the refugee crisis and how we, as global citizens, can make a meaningful difference by supporting the Foundation.

The evening, which will be moderated by CBC reporter Bal Brach, will conclude with a dialogue period during which the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions in response to Tima’s presentation.

CPA Innovation Centre - P-hacking: Scholarly dishonesty in response to publication pressures

Date:Monday, May 29th, 2017
Time:10:30am -12:00pm Presentation & QA; 12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch
Location:Room 2300 (2nd floor)
Segal Graduate School
500 Granville Street, Vancouver

Management scholars face a highly nonlinear reward system based on top-tier publication. Many research-oriented schools of business and management have norms regarding a target number of publications in specific journals required for tenure, assessing scholarly performance primarily by counting a researcher’s published articles and weighing them by the impact factor of the journals in which they appear, and secondarily by certifying the substance of their contribution.

Many argue that these rewards tempt researchers to disregard negative and nonsignificant findings in favor of selectively collecting and analyzing data in a search for significant findings in support of accumulating publications in prestigious journals, which disproportionately publish statistically significant results (e.g., Bettis 2012). Evidence suggests that such behavior is widespread.

We examine adoption of a research practice that promotes statistically significant positive findings, p-hacking, which entails selectively omitting or including variables, observations, and/or statistical analyses until nonsignificant results become significant at standard levels (Simmons et al. 2011). We examine p-hacking in one and two-author articles published between 2000 and 2016 in two highly selective, top-tier management publications, the Academy of Management Journal, and Administrative Science Quarterly.
Dr Joel Baum, Ph.D is a Professor at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management and the George E. Connell Chair in Organizations and Society. He sits on the editorial board of Strategic Management Journal and is founding Co-editor of Strategic Organization. Recent awards include Most Impactful Article, Journal of Business Venturing (2010) and Organization and Management Theory Distinguished Scholar, Academy of Management (2011). Joel teaches courses on Competitive Strategy and Strategic Organization. He studies the influence of interfirm competition and cooperation on firm behavior and performance in industries including investment banking, biotechnology, and private military services.

Beedie Alumni Reunion Events

SFU Beedie Alumni Family Event - Vancouver Canadians baseball and BBQ

Date:Sunday, June 25th, 2017
Time:BBQ at 12:00 pm; game start time 1:00 pm
Location:Nat Bailey Stadium, 4601 Ontario Street, Vancouver

SAVE THE DATE! Join us for a day out at Nat Bailey Stadium for an all-you-can eat BBQ and a Canadians baseball game. Friends and family are welcome!

Registration link will be available shortly.

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